Common Malware Enumeration (CME)


Widespread adoption of CME's common identifiers will help the information security community and public communicate more effectively about computer virus outbreaks. Numerous anti-virus and other organizations are already participating. We encourage vendors to adopt CME identifiers in their products and services and users to encourage your vendors to incorporate CME to support your enterprise security requirements.

The CME initiative is industry-endorsed through the following:

CME Editorial Board

Includes members from commercial anti-virus vendors, major operating systems vendors, and anti-virus researchers from around the world. Many Board members also act as members of the CME Sample Redistribution Group discovering and submitting possible threats for inclusion on the CME List.

CME Sample Redistribution Group

Those industry organizations authorized to request a CME identifier from the CME Submission Server by providing a sample of the code they have identified as malware along with as much supporting information as possible for potential high-visibility outbreak threats.

Products and Services Including CME Identifiers

Numerous organizations are including or have included CME identifiers in their anti-virus and information security products, services, Web sites, alerts, encyclopedias, etc.

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