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CME Editorial Board

The CME Editorial Board includes members from the international anti-virus community, including product vendors, testing organizations, and government. The Board approves which threats are assigned CME identifiers for publication on the CME Web site and oversees all content updates on the CME List. Many Board members also act as members of the CME Sample Redistribution Group, discovering and submitting possible threats for inclusion on the list.

The MITRE Corporation created the CME Editorial Board, moderates Board discussions, and provides guidance throughout the process to ensure that CME serves the public interest. Other anti-virus and information security experts will be invited to participate on the Board on an as-needed basis based upon recommendations from Board members.

CME Editorial Board Members

Arbor Networks
Computer Associates International, Inc.
F-Secure Corporation
Kaspersky Lab
McAfee, Inc.
MessageLabs Ltd.
Microsoft Corporation
Norman ASA
Panda Software International S.L.
Sophos, Plc
Symantec Corporation
Trend Micro, Inc.
MITRE (Moderator)